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The Building Society was created by engineers Elliott Wood, for a simple purpose. How can we address the problems our planet and society face? It’s a big question and one they knew, couldn’t be done alone, so they created a space where those from the built environment could think, make and work all in one place.

So whilst the workspace is busy with day-to-day business, our members also have a digital forum and events program built around a framework for understanding societies’ challenges and to explore solutions ETHICSEducation, Technology, Health, Infrastructure, Culture, and Sustainability. 

So imagine if through our debate and knowledge-sharing we can make changes to the way we build and impact legislation. If through better design and creativity we can make places where people live better lives. 

But we also believe The Building Society can build better businesses, careers and resources. Where else can you find a workspace where architects and engineers, PMs and M&Es, can all lean on each other? Where young and old uncover new skills, and opportunities are opened. Our building offers the best in facilities, but it’s our community that’s our strength.


Building a community

We support regular events and activities for the benefit of our members and the wider community. 


Time to do more

This is our call to action. Where first we thought technology was the driver to societal reform we now see Health as the biggest transformer. Only through working together with a kind and generous spirit can we hope to meet the challenges ahead.