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14 Jul, 2023 All

The Wheel of Contention

As part of the London Festival of Architecture, we hosted an event – ‘The Wheel of Contention’ – to bring the public and built environment professionals together for an evening of thought-provoking debate and lively discussion. At the heart of the event were twelve big issues facing the built environment, each with a specific provocation. The twist? A spinning wheel determined the order of debate, and speakers had just two minutes to present their arguments.

Guiding the audience through the evening’s debates were the charismatic Andy Downey from Elliott Wood and Bill Webb from Able Partners. Our MCs expertly kept the discussion flowing and the guests entertained throughout.

From serious subjects like “Demolition. Should we save everything?” to the more light-hearted “Cycling in London. Should Lycra be banned?”, each topic was argued with flair. With the audience split on many of the topics, the results revealed that we have more in common than we might think.

The line up featured speakers from diverse disciplines within the built environment community and beyond, including several Members from The Building Society.

The arguments presented were as diverse as the topics themselves. Throughout the evening, the audience was treated to an array of convincing arguments, from poetic verses to persuasive prose, the debates stirred creativity and sparked fresh perspectives, while also providing an excellent opportunity to reconnect with industry friends and forge new connections. Showcasing the diversity of thought within The Building Society and the wider built environment.

‘The Wheel of Contention’ put The Building Society’s purpose into action – inspiring ideas and promoting positive action within the built environment.

A huge thank you to all who made ‘The Wheel of Contention’ a success – especially our 24 speakers who generously gave their time to participate. We look forward to future opportunities to champion ideas, discussion, and action in the built environment through new and exciting formats!

Our incredible speakers included: 

Alan Dempsey Nex
Alex Jan Central District Alliance
Amin Taha Vector Follitec
Angela Reed Heart of London Business Alliance
Ben Stuart Able Partners
Billy Squire Elliott Wood
David Campbell  Franklin Ellis
Del Hussain The Wow Mind
Deniz Harut  Pollination
George Wilson  FCB
Holly Harrington DMFK
Karen Willey Always Thinking
Magnus Wills  Barr Gazetas
Matt Law Jensen Hunt
Neil Davies Neil Davies Architects
Neil Pinder Homegrown
Oscar Rodriguez Vector Follitec
Patrick Antrobus Elliott Wood
Paul Duggan Elliott Wood
Sanja Buncic Elliott Wood
Steve Sinclair Fourth Space
Tom Fairchild Pulse Consult
Trevor Morris SPPARC
Vincent Lasseaux Elliott Wood