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12 October: Time to Do More – Diversity Forum with Jess Kitsell

Speaker session with Jess Kitsell, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion consultant

Tuesday 12 October 2021
12:00 – 13:00

Diversity and inclusion are crucial in the built environment, to ensure that buildings and spaces promote the wellbeing of all our communities. It is important that we question what we can each do to support progress within our teams and the industry, and understand the power we have as designers to influence how people from different backgrounds experience the world around them.

This session will be our second speaker session where we hear from individuals and organisations who are challenging inequality and discrimination in their industries, and discuss how we can ensure our own actions make an impact.

Jess will be sharing some of the work she has been doing in house with Elliott Wood, as well as helping shape the conversation about what TBS could be doing to help tackle inequality and discrimination in the built environment industry.

Speaker: Jess Kitsell, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion consultant

Jess works as an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion consultant, providing high-quality strategic advice and operational guidance to organisations, taking an holistic and future-facing view of organisational structures and cultures, building on successes and ensuring EDI work is evidence-based and sustainable.

She has extensive experience working as an Adviser within the HE sector leading on work to advance gender and race equality within research institutes and universities, as well as a consultant working with organisations such as the Law Society and CEDR (the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) to develop and shape their diversity and inclusion practices.

Jess also works internationally, liaising with national level government departments in Australia, Canada and the USA to ensure appropriate infrastructures and resources are in place to support and advance equality at the highest levels.

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