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[Partner Event] 21 July: BoB Earth Keynote – How to Connect, Learn & Trade for a Brand New World

Partner Event

BoB Earth Keynote – How to Connect, Learn & Trade for a Brand New World

Wednesday 21 July 2021
9:00 – 10:00

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The Business of Brand (BoB) team has been working out the best way to support our global community and deliver content that enables you to build your mindset and your businesses.

BoB Earth Co-Founders Linzi Boyd and Darren Shirlaw, with Partner Tim Dwyer, are offering a monthly keynote webinar aimed at offering more in-depth and focused discussions around the following key topics:

  • 25 May: Growth on Purpose
  • 22 June: Economic Update
  • 21 July: How to Connect, Learn & Trade for a Brand New World

In this third session, the BoB Earth team address the question:

How do we Connect, Learn and Trade for a new world?

As communities and societies change, the way people interact with businesses changes and develops. The digital era introduced a new way of connecting with brands and businesses, and ‘community’ became an extension of social platforms in this way.

As Conscious Consumption is on the rise, and people are agitating for change – looking to the brands to inspire these shifts – we recognise that collectively, we can shift industries.

The 21st century business model will see a new trading economy rise, where Purpose is the new trading currency. People will drive an integrated approach, not only to the whole of the business model, but how they connect with other people and businesses to connect with one another, learn together, and create the change, uniting on Purpose beyond Profit and Legacy beyond Fame.

Join Guru business leaders Linzi Boyd, Darren Shirlaw (BoB Earth founders) and Global Partner Tim Dwyer on this monthly keynote special to reveal the latest trends on how we can:

✔️ Start to build communities based on Purpose and passion
✔️ Find new ways of connecting, learning and trading together to shift industries and change the world
✔️ Learn together to grow and bring communities together to learn to grow
✔️ Move from a profit mindset to a Purpose mindset
✔️ Create Pull in the market rather than Push

As we enter a new era, and the 21-st century business model asks us to adapt a new mindset and learn new ways to grow, business leaders need to join in union and collaborate on new ideas and shared thoughts, rather than working in silo, to create the biggest ripples.

Book your free place here using partner code: TBS

This is a TBS Partner event and is not organised by The Building Society.