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22 June: BoB Earth – Economic Update 2021

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BoB Earth – Economic Update 2021

Tuesday 22 June 2021

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The Business of Brand (BoB) team has been working out the best way to support our global community and deliver content that enables you to build your mindset and your businesses.

BoB Earth Co-Founders Linzi Boyd and Darren Shirlaw, with Partner Tim Dwyer, are offering a monthly keynote webinar aimed at offering more in-depth and focused discussions around the following key topics:

  • 20 July: 2021 TO 2031 TRENDS

In this second session, having predicted the 2020/21 L shape recession, Darren and Linzi will provide a crucial outlook on the next phases of the recession, what will happen next and what to focus on with your business to take advantage of 2022/23. Some of the questions answered:

1. When will we go back into Growth 📈
2. Will there be hyperinflation and interest rate increases or will there be deflation across the markets 💹
3. What should we all be doing with our businesses across 2021 🔍

If you want to take advantage of the economic conditions of the next couple of years, this economic update from BoB Earth is not to be missed.

📺 Learn more about the L-Shaped Recession here:

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🎁 Pay it forward and invite the rest of your teams and the business community along too (when we learn together, we grow together!)