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Transport Tuesday

Every Tuesday, 11:00 – 13:00
The Building Society, Fitzrovia
Casual Meeting Space

It’s never too early to engage with a Transport consultant on a project, but often the project scope only calls for their involvement at RIBA Stage 2, after many of the major design decisions have been made, often delivering the access strategy as a second thought and leaving huge environmental opportunities on the drawing board.

If you’re looking for early-stage, high-level advice for a bid, pitch or feasibility study, or simply a sounding board to explore the untapped opportunities for positive impact on your projects, Elliott Wood’s Transport team are on hand in The Building Society every Tuesday.

These free drop-in sessions are available to all Members. You’ll find Melanie de Wet in the Casual Meeting Space at Fitzrovia from 11:00-13:00 every Tuesday. You can also reach out to Melanie via the Members Portal or in person at either of our locations.

To learn more about why we need to be considering the Transport impact of our developments at the earliest possible opportunity, even before site selection, watch Melanie speaking about Land Purchase Strategy as part of Elliott Wood’s ‘Too Little. Too Late.’ Series: