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We want everyone to feel supported at The Building Society. Which is why our team of mental health champions and mental health first aiders are available for Members to talk to in confidence.

Our volunteers are committed to helping others and fighting the stigma around mental health. They have been trained to understand the related issues, listen effectively and guide people towards the right support.

In addition to mental health, they are also here to advise where someone may have experienced or seen behaviour that doesn’t align with our commitment to diversity, inclusion and ensuring everyone feels comfortable in the workplace.

So, whatever the issue may be, if you’d like to speak to someone in confidence, meet our mental health champions and mental health first aiders below and reach out. We have also included links to organisations who provide mental health resources.

Meet the team

Annette Saunders
Mental Health First Aider

‘Following my first-hand experience with poor mental health, I want to be able to offer my personal experience, knowledge and training in supporting everyone around me to have positive mental health in the workplace. If it’s a casual chat to share your struggles or to just find out more about how you can improve your mental health, then please get in touch with me’.

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Charlotte Hitchens
Mental Health Champion

‘I want to ensure nobody goes unheard. Having a meaningful conversation, whether it is at a social event, by the coffee machine, out for a walk, or on a scheduled zoom chat, is one of the most effective tools we have for managing stress and our mental health. By training as a mental health champion, I hope to be able to have more meaningful conversations with more people’.

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Cristina Martinez
Mental Health First Aider

‘I love listening to people’s stories and experiences. Aware that not everyone has faced the same struggles, I’ve learnt to reflect on how each person’s experience impacts their outlook on life. Having empathy and being compassionate with ourselves helps us understand everyone’s own path, therefore I would like to create an inclusive and safe space to help people to accept and embrace their own mental health journey’.

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Harley Tyce
Mental Health Champion

‘Mental health is a sensitive subject that can feel uncomfortable to talk about. Some conversations can be difficult to have but more often than not a problem shared is a problem halved. Please approach me whenever you see fit, I’m a good listener and have a genuine interest in trying to help’.

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Lisa Drake
Mental Health First Aider

‘Pressures are all around us, as we juggle work, family, busy lives and societal expectations. Sometimes having a neutral, non-judgmental person to speak to can be a useful starting point to address any issues. Through my work as a mediator and executive coach, I have worked with many individuals and groups to overcome challenges of all shapes and sizes. I’m here if you just want a chat or to find out what support is out there to enable you to reach a better tomorrow’.

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You can find out more about mental health and free resources that are available via the following organisations:

Every mind matters
Mind mental health charity

If you need to speak to someone urgently, please contact: